There weren't many C'bana'siaco in U'lliyani. The Tribe of the Twilight was the largest concentration of them anyone had heard of. But there were some unattached mares and stallions wandering the Realm. Shrai was one of those.

He was a little thing. Pale. With big red wings that had proved to be his saviors more times than he could number. Perhaps a cheekier stallion would have laughed in the face of danger. Shrai simply hid.

Or took flight.

The thing about U'Lliyani was that everything, everything wanted to eat you. And if it didn't want to eat you, it wanted to experiment on you. And if it didn't want to experiment on you, either, well, it was probably a sira. And they were uppity, to put it nicely.

Good luck finding a safe home around there.

But he tried. He left his home Tribe pretty early on in his adult life. Spent the ensuing time running for his life from Mages in the grasslands, Saurokk in the desert, and giant death fish near the shore. Forget it. There was no way you could live there. It simply wasn't happening.

As beautiful and magical as U'Lliyani was, it was no place to raise children. No place to find a mate. No place to stay.

Not for Shrai, anyway. He just wanted a quiet place to settle down. Good grazing. Occasional slices of chocolate cake. Not a lot of people. He was looking for a miracle.

He got taken unawares one morning in spring. To this day, he couldn't tell anyone what exactly had gotten the drop on him. Just that it had teeth the size of chef knives, a scream that had him bleeding cottage cheese for weeks where he ran afoul of a jagged rock when he staggered to his feet in an effort to flee, and less hair on its body than a snake.

Shrai ran. And when it became obvious that running wouldn't do any good, that he would be swiftly overtaken, he flew.

He flew as fast as his draconic wings would carry him. And still the beast gave chase. Shrai didn't stop to find out what it wanted or turn to see how close it was. He simply cut the sky in half in his terror, tumbled through a portal and out the other side.

He found himself near a cliff, and it was there that he tucked himself into a crevice, watching the place he had escape from, hoping that where he wound up was no worse than the place he had left. He clung to the ledge, his big paws wedging into the stones as hard as he could while his heart thundered in his throat.

He wanted to be sick, but he didn't dare move. Who knew where he was or what else was here? He sat very still, and only regretted his decision to stop here when he heard thunder peal across the sky.