Chronicles of Dendrinla
v. 3.0: a breath after drowning

*** c0d is undergoing a major overhaul. Who knows if I'll have the attention to finish it?

The loss of this book is old news. Who among you has not known of the Chronicles? Who has not read its bounty before the pages were ripped from the spine?

Ashes and embers on the wind. Salted earth. The force that held it up, held it together, lost heart.

So long as The Rabbit maintained her attention, the Cross-Realm and all who called it home were safe. But her heart wandered, looked to the stars. There was more to life than here, than now.

She was not the only one. Whole worlds crumbled, shattered to ruin. Whole lives stalled out, then extinguished. A breath to a lit match.

The smoke rose. Coiled. Faded.

She kicked the dust from her heels, left it a shattered husk of might have been.

Who can say what brought her back, for however fleeting a moment? But this time, the world would not be only one. There was too much to explore, too much to create, too many broad swaths to stay focused on but one.

No more intertwined stories of stagnation and frustration. Now, there was only forward.